Beaver Valley Climbing Festival 2014 & 2015


For a number of years this was the website for the Beaver Valley Climbing Festival.
Content is from the 2014 & 2015 archived pages providing just a glimpse of what this festival offered its participants.

What is it?

 Southern Ontario's only rock climbing festival... it's awesome!!




The Beaver Valley Climbing Festival is an amazing opportunity for the climbing community to come together and celebrate the incredible escarpment rock climbing in the Beaver Valley, Ontario.

On July 11th 2015, we will be offering a full day of climbing clinics, climbing competitions, yoga, caving, youth activities, slack lining, mountain biking, massages, beautiful central camping (Dog Sled Farms in Rob Roy), vendors, live music, pull up comp, aerial silks performance, live entertainment, games, dancing, dinner, bon fire and much more! This festival was founded by Leslie Timms and Jennie Elmslie and this year is brought to you by the Ontario Access Coalition and On the Rocks Climbing Guides, and made possible from the generous support of Climbers Corner, Boulderz Climbing Gym and many more. This will be a great opportunity to showcase the local businesses, people and rock climbing that this beautiful area has to offer.

100% of proceeds will go to the Ontario Access Coalition and if you aren't a member yet, go to This great organization keeps all of these amazing climbing destinations open for all of us to enjoy. Please show your support!

For more information on the climbing clinics, climbing competition and other fun things the festival has to offer, feel free to browse our website or email

Tickets are $40 and include EVERYTHING...festival entry, dinner, camping, clinics, comps, music, aerial silks performance and so much more. All proceeds go to the Ontario Access Coalition that help fight to keep climbing areas open in Ontario.




"I'm a recently converted rock climbing fanatic and attended the 2014 event, and was blown away by the expertise and genuine skills demonstrated by the competitors. I love getting out on some rock structures as a diversion from my day job as a developer - I work mostly on creating apps that deal with Sales Force integration - basically configuring Salesforce to some customized need. Coding with a team is rewarding work, but sitting at a desk all day makes me need to get outdoors and feel the thrill I only get from climbing. On the very first day of the festival, I met a couple who were practicing some very difficult moves that I would never have tried had I not seen them succeed with them. I love the fact that with very little equipment, you can participate and learn skills while having a blast. Great weather, great fun, challenging rocks, and fantastic company - this festival rocks (pun intended)!" Nolan Whitaker III


"As an avid rock climber and outdoor enthusiast, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Beaver Valley Climbing Festival in Southern Ontario, and it was nothing short of phenomenal. From the moment I arrived at the picturesque Dog Sled Farms in Rob Roy, I knew I was in for a treat.

The festival, held on July 11th, 2015, was a vibrant gathering of the climbing community, offering an array of activities that catered to every attendee. The climbing clinics were insightful, providing tips and techniques that were beneficial for both beginners and experienced climbers. The competitions added an exciting edge to the event, while the yoga sessions offered a much-needed stretch after a day full of climbing.

But what truly set this festival apart was its commitment to the community and the environment. The entire event was orchestrated to support the Ontario Access Coalition, with 100% of the proceeds going towards this fantastic organization that works tirelessly to keep climbing destinations open and accessible. As someone who deeply appreciates the beauty and availability of these climbing spots, contributing to this cause felt incredibly rewarding.

A delightful surprise was the introduction of pickleball, a sport that has quickly gained a massive following among climbers. It was refreshing to see this new sport being embraced, and it provided a fun and engaging way to interact with fellow attendees. The pickleball sessions were lively, and the pickleball bags from Pickleballers Hub were a hit. Their practicality and design perfectly aligned with the needs of climbers and outdoor enthusiasts, highlighting the importance of functional equipment in our activities.

The festival was not just about climbing; it was a holistic experience. With caving adventures, youth activities, slack lining, mountain biking, and even massages, there was something for everyone. The central camping area buzzed with energy, hosting vendors, live music, and even an aerial silks performance.

As the day turned into night, the atmosphere transformed into a vibrant party with games, dancing, a delicious dinner, and a mesmerizing bonfire. It was a perfect way to unwind and connect with new friends who shared a passion for climbing and the outdoors.

The Beaver Valley Climbing Festival was an exceptional event that brilliantly combined the thrill of rock climbing with a strong sense of community and environmental responsibility. The experience was enriching, and the support for the Ontario Access Coalition was a testament to the climbing community's dedication to preserving our natural climbing havens. I left the festival not only with a sense of accomplishment and joy but also with a deeper appreciation for the efforts made to keep these beautiful spaces accessible for all." Julia Simms



The Festival Grounds

In the heart of the Beaver Valley




The festival is going to take place at the lovely Dogsled Farms in Rob Roy. Rob Roy is centrally located close to Metcalfe Rock, The Swamp, Devils Glen and Old Baldy, where festival competitions and clinics will take place. The festival grounds in Rob Roy are a where we will mingle, browse vendor booths, listen to great music, partake in a variety of games and comps, eat tasty food, sit by the fire, dance, party, cam and have a blast with all of the wonderful rock climbers in Ontario!





469358 Grey Rd. 31 - Rob Roy


gps - 44 degree 22' 55" N  80 degree 19' 26" W



Kids Indoor Climbing Comp




 On July 10th



(night before the festival), Free Spirit Tours and Climbers Corner will be offering an indoor climbing comp just for the kiddies! Competition will be located at Climbers Corner in Collingwood and will feature live music by Tennyson King.

Competition Format:

Comp starts at 7pm @ Climbers Corner


3 age cateogories





  • peed comp
  • route difficulty comp
  • pull up comp
  • and with the older kids a "who can tie in the fastest" comp

Register at: 

Sport & Trad/Mixed Climbing Comp


The Outland Adventure Gear Climbing Competition will take place in the Beaver Valley. The sport comp will be an endurance format, with points allocated for difficulty, number of bolts clipped and ultimately number of climbs climbed within 4 hours. There will also be a traditional/mixed climbing competition, open to both men and women. Points are allocated for difficulty of routes completed without falls. The comp will begin at 10:30am and scorecards can be handed in no later then 2:30pm.



Competition is open to all ages and the winners of each category will be announced at the after-party. Prizes are $100 gift cards for Outland Adventure Gear to the winners in both men's and women's category.



Competition spaces are limited!!
Register ASAP 



Pull Up Comp

During the evening there will be the ongoing G6 Pull-up Competition sponsored by G6 Climbing, This will take place at Rob Roy Dogsled Farm, so get training those pull-ups people!! Entry is free or by donation ( Unlimited space available for the pull up competition. Open to kids!

How many pull ups can you do in a row!?

Figure 4 Comp

Nathan Kutcher and Rebecca Lewis of Canada's ice climbing team are returning with their cool figure-4 structure. There will be a contest at Rob Roy to see who can make the most moves across the structure, with prizes to be announced. It will also be open prior to the contest for anyone interested in trying it. Contest is free with unlimited spaces available!




Spaces are limited.
Register with the company providing the clinic you are interested in.  
All clinics are free with festival pass!!!


Introduction to Rock Climbing (9am-12pm) @ Metcalfe Rock
with Free Spirit Tours 





Come and try rock climbing! Open to all ages and skill levels. Learn the rock climbing basics from experienced climbing guides and try rock climbing for your first time, or maybe just first time in a long while.

Intro to Climbing - 9:30 - 12:30

  • all equipment provided
  • full instruction given
  • lots of time to climb
  • free - with entry to festival

Register at:

Intro to Rappelling (10am-12pm & 1pm-3pm) @ Metcalfe Rock
with On the Rocks Climbing Guides


Come try rappelling! Experience the thrills of lowering yourself (rappelling) over a cliffs edge with On the Rocks certified PCGI Top Rope Guides. Open to total beginners and kids!

Drop in only.
Located on the right side of Metcalfe Rock.

Rappel Old Baldy! - (11am-3pm) @ Old Baldy
with The Alpine Club of Canada-Toronto Section

11am - 3pm
Free with festival pass!

The Alpine Club of Canada Toronto Section will get you rappelling over the edge of beautiful Old Baldy. Come take in the views and exposure of this stunning area. Some previous rappelling experience and comfort with heights required. Participants must be 18+. Limited spots available.

Rock Star Technique Course - (11am-2pm)  @ Metcalf Rock
with professional climber and guide Leslie Timms, owner of On the Rocks Climbing Guides.


Come learn new ways to move on rock from a real rock star. Learn to become explosive and powerful while also honing your subtle technical skills. Learn mental approach tricks and ways to conserve energy on the rock.

Open to those comfortable climbing 5.7 and up.
Limited to 6 participants.

Hack Your Fear of Falling- (10am-1pm) @ The Swamp

with Amir Fishman – owner of Overhang Adventures Inc. and PCGI Single Pitch Guide

Crash course (no pun intended) into how to overcome your fear of falling while climbing on lead. We condense our full fear of falling course to give you some basic techniques and skills to help you overcome mental barriers while climbing.

Free with festival pass!

Max 4 participants 

Pre-requisite for the course: Ability to climb 5.10 in the gym (lead or top rope) and having completed a lead climbing course either outdoors or in a gym.


Explore Metcalfe Caves (1:30pm-4:30pm) @ Metcalfe Rock
with Free Spirit Tours

Not only can you explore above the rocks - you can also explore underneath them.  Equipped with a helmet and headlamp we'll climb and crawl our way through some of the caves and crevices that Metcalfe Rock is famous for!

Caving - 1:30 - 4:30

  • all equipment provided
  • full instruction given
  • free - with entry to festival

Register at:

More Course Offerings @ The Swamp: 
Instructed By: Zen Climb
Course information:
Register with Zen Climb.

All Clinic participants MUST hold festival pass.




It is hard to believe that the festival is almost here!!! 

This years fest is shaping up to be an amazing event and we can't thank everyone enough for the incredible support to Beaver Valley rock climbing and the Ontario Access Coalition. 

Just a reminder that today, Thursday August 21st is the last chance to buy your tickets online!!!

See you there :)


Thank you to everyone who made the 2014 Beaver Valley Climbing Festival a huge success.


Thursday, 28 August 2014
Wow. What a day!
The 2nd annual Beaver Valley Climbing Festival was a huge success!
It is difficult to put this day into words... GOOD VIBES!!! Everyone was having such a good time; the day was packed full of fun games, clinics, vendors, competitions, entertainment, yoga, massage, music and tasty food. It was really cool to see the climbing community come together to celebrate rock climbing in the Beaver Valley, Ontario. Just an all around good time for a great cause! This years festival truly was a remarkable success and we have so many people to thank for it.

The best part of all, is while we were having this amazing time, we managed to raise $6000 for the Ontario Access Coalition! These proceeds will go to local access initiatives in the Beaver Valley, and maybe a parking lot for Devils Glen!

This amazing event would not of been possible without help from our generous sponsors and volunteers. Mountain Equipment Coop was a huge support to this festival, with festival support dollars and so many amazing raffle prizes. True North Climbing supported again for the second year in a row, shout out to this really cool climbing gym in Toronto. Climbers Corner, Collingwood's new climbing gym was a generous supporter, along with the Alpine Club of Canada, The Landscape Company, Free Spirit Tours, On the Rocks Climbing Guides and so many other amazing companies that donated either time, money, prizes or both! Check out our full sponsor list below, and support these great companies that support Ontario rock climbing!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who came out to this perfect day, festival and party! This was one for the record books and we can't wait until next year!